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The MD22 is a hydrostatic lawnmower with dual function cutter deck, i.e. rear discharge or Mulching, and is fitted with diff-lock and front safety brakes.

The Grillo MD22 is ideal for cutting grass in large areas and is particularly suited for mowing on sloping ground. The extremely comfortable seat has armrests which can be raised, ensuring maximal comfort for the operator.

The powerful 22HP engine, is ideal for the care of grassed areas in both the professional and domestic environment, in agriculture or for anyone engaged in intensive mowing.

Its extreme manageability, the smooth steering action and fast work speed make the Grillo MD22 a rapid and efficient machine, which is, at the same time, a pleasure to use.

The 130 cm 3 blade cutter deck ensures that you obtain an excellent finish! Thanks to the option of choosing between mulch mode or rear discharge the MD22 will always be 100% efficient! In order to change the cutting mode you only need to act on the dismountable side protections inside the cutting chamber. There is no need to replace the blades

The cutter deck is made of steel and is protected from accidental damage thanks to the very robust side discharge casing fixed with screws. The large diameter blade shaft and heavy duty transmission ensure reliability even under most demanding working conditions for extended periods of work - and in complete safety.

The special design profile of the cutter blades ensure maximum productivity and a precise cut in all conditions. The rear ejection mode is ideal for high grass, the cut grass being discharged directly behind the cutter deck. The mulch mode is ideal for regular and frequently cut grass, the clippings are cut finely and re-absorbed back into the ground giving extra nourishment to the soil.

Grillo MD 22