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The FX 20 is the ideal machine for the care of grassed areas in both the professional and domestic environment.

The manoeuvrability is achieved by the hydrostatic twin lever control system.

The FX 20’s compact size and high performing engine, allows large areas to be cut at high speed!

Also narrow spaces and places full of shrubs will be maintained with ease!


this advanced design will operate safely on slopes.

The finished cut will always be exceptional either in the mulching mode, appropriate when mowing frequently or in rear discharge mode, appropriate for very high grass.

The passage from mulching cut to rear discharge has never been so easy! The “Quick Shift” lever lets you change from one mode to the other whilst remaining comfortably seated on the machine.

Great manoeuvrability!

Zero Turn means that the minimum turning radius is zero.. The Grillo FX 20 follows with precision the perimeter of obstacles such as hedges and complex walls, and around trees or play area games in parks

FX 20’s centre of gravity is particularly low. The perfect weight distribution is concentrated over the large drive wheels which have “turf” wheel profile tyres, making the rear part of the lawnmower very lightweight.

Grillo FX 20 Zero Turn Mowers